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 Server Ranking Information: Cosmetic Ranks.

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Server Ranking Information: Cosmetic Ranks. Empty
PostSubject: Server Ranking Information: Cosmetic Ranks.   Server Ranking Information: Cosmetic Ranks. EmptyMon Dec 31, 2012 7:02 pm

~Official Server Ranking System Part 2 of 2~

Cosmetics Rank System

At Dawning Creations along with the permissions ranking system we also have another ranking system. As with the word Cosmetic, these ranks are just for show, they have no meaning except to display your ability. There are three possible rank trees to get a title in, Architecture, Redstone, and Organics. Architecture deals with any structural, like a build for example would fall into this category. Redstone deals with any electronic creations. And Organics deals with any living creations, or the environment. Things like animal recreations, plant life, and environment fall under this category. Here at Dawning Creations we do not consider Pixel Art an art, along with other servers we don't consider it as a build at all and therefore you will not be ranked if you made Pixel Art. Coming back on topic, with these three possible rank trees it is actually possible to have up to four possible ranks simultaneously. Only two will be displayed at a time for the sake of keeping the chat compact. Note that while these ranks are cosmetic, having a high ranking title will vastly help if you are trying to apply for administrator ship.

The ranks for the cosmetics in order from 'first to last':

God of Architecture,
God of Redstone,
God of Organics,

The players who have managed to gain this title are the complete and utter dominant master of their profession. Showing complete knowledge of their profession every idea they make is perfect, and gold. Their experience is truly endless, they know how to do almost everything feasible, almost nothing shocks them anymore. The only left for them to do is to improve themselves more and more while sharing the endless knowledge. They are known throughout the community for their incredible skill and mastery over their profession. All people in the community should strive to be these people as they truly are the best of the best.

Demi-God of Architecture,
Demi-God of Redstone,
Demi-God of Organics,

These players who have gained this title are truly inhumane. Their level of skill and prowess makes it near god-like, their work is simply breath taking and amazing. Their work is revered by all and looked up to. They've managed to make things that were never even thought possible before and make it excellent. By pushing themselves farther than the Conquestias they have managed to push that limit even further to gain this title.

Conquestia of Architecture,
Conquestia of Redstone,
Conquestia of Organics,

These players who have obtained this title have managed to even surpass the supreme grandmasters of their profession. Their mastery of their profession is a product of all of their hard work, effort, blood, sweat and tears. They have built for so long that their experience is almost endless, they've seen everything and the only left is to push themselves further.

Supreme Grandmaster of Architecture,
Supreme Grandmaster of Redstone,
Supreme Grandmaster of Organics,

These players who managed to get their hands on this title has surpassed even the grandmasters of their profession. They have pushed the very limits of Minecraft to obtain what they have right now. They can do amazing and marvelous things and their ideas are incredible. The word 'small' no longer exists in their vocabulary as they will only make large and extravagant builds.

Grandmaster of Architecture,
Grandmaster of Redstone,
Grandmaster of Organics,

These players who got this title have pushed their limits farther by forcing their building experiencing to the utmost limit. These players have managed to build so many great things that they have earned great respect from the community. Their ability surpasses even the masters of their profession truly displaying what kind of ability they have.

Master of Architecture,
Master of Redstone,
Master of Organics,

These players have managed to master their profession. They have great experience and talent in what they do surprising anyone that looks at their work. They have experienced many builds before and the only way that they can improve even more is to push themselves. They have participated in many great builds and have many works of art.

Elite Architect,
Elite Redstone User,
Elite Organics User,

Elite Architects are slowly approaching the level of mastery, their work is excellent but there can still be improvements. They need to expand their experience with their profession more to truly master what they have. They have done a great deal of builds and pieces of art along the way.

Expert Architect,
Expert Redstone User,
Expert Organics User,

Experts have great ability in their field as they can judge and critique extremely effectively. They can work out many difficult problems in their profession and succeed in their image. Their experience is incredible but to truly improve more they must see new and inspiring builds to push themselves even further.

Veteran Architect,
Veteran Redstone User,
Veteran Organics User,

The people who have gained this title have exceptional talent. Just as their title says they have built things for a long amount of time and gathered a large amount of experience due to that. They know many things within their realm of profession and the way to improve is to see more builds and learn from them. Only from judging and critiquing a large amounts of builds whether they be someones or your own you'll learn what you need to do to improve to be better.

Skilled Architect,
Skilled Redstone User,
Skilled Organics User,

These people are skilled in their profession, and they are able to do many things. They can create unique and creative builds. However their builds are very limited as problems will arise, or detail is not enough. They usually have a clear idea of what they want to do but it may not be what they imagined when they made it. Practice makes perfect, and that's what these people need to be better.

Experienced Architect,
Experienced Redstone User,
Experienced Organics User,

These players who have this title are players who have gained experience by testing and experimenting what works and what doesn't work. They can make medium to small builds with a decent amount of detail. More experimentation and practice is necessary to help this person along or with help from another person.

Trained Architect,
Trained Redstone User,
Trained Organics User,

Trained players are players who have mastered the basics, and the fundamental concepts within their profession. They have limited knowledge about their profession and what they can make is limited. These players need to expand their realm of knowledge by either experimenting, practicing, or seeing new and inspiring builds.

Architectural Apprentice,
Redstone Apprentice,
Organics Apprentice,

These players are still trying to master the basics and the concepts in their profession. Their knowledge of how everything works in their profession is not too grand, and their builds are typically small. They need to master their basics and concepts before moving on to more difficult and challenging builds.

Architectural Beginner,
Redstone Beginner,
Organics Beginner,

These players have begun their adventure to become a master of their profession. They are still trying to understand the basics, and the concepts. They need to learn what it is they need to improve. They must understand the fundamental concepts in order to truly progress into their profession.

Aspiring Architect,
Aspiring Redstone User,
Aspiring Organics User,

Aspiring players have made up their mind on what they want and they are slowly working towards that. Their experience is almost none as they start their journey to master their profession. Learning the fundamental concepts from another person is almost a necessary step for these players to progress further.

Server Ranking Information: Cosmetic Ranks. Admin

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Server Ranking Information: Cosmetic Ranks.
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