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Here at Dawning Creations our motto is, To innovate the youth and drive our future forward.
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 Server Ranking Information: Admin and Member Ranks.

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Server Admin
Server Admin

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Server Ranking Information: Admin and Member Ranks. Empty
PostSubject: Server Ranking Information: Admin and Member Ranks.   Server Ranking Information: Admin and Member Ranks. EmptyTue Dec 25, 2012 3:53 am

~Official Server Ranking System Part 1 of 2~

Permissions Rank System

Here at Dawning Creations our ranking system is composed out of four ranking trees, in other words you can have four titles simultaneously. It's a very simple yet innovative system that allows you to get whatever title you deserve and display it with pride! There is only one system that deals with your permissions while the other three are completely for cosmetic looks. To distinguish between the cosmetics and the permission ranks while minimizing the chat size I have made it so the permission ranks will be displayed in square brackets.

The ranks for the permissions in order from 'first to last':


Head of Server Administration

Only one person can have this title at a time, it is a title that is used to show who is the most powerful entity on the server. This person can do whatever they please at whatever time, they have complete control over the entire server. The person who currently holds this title is none other than me: XanderKingoLight.

Command List:



Server Administrator

These players have gained immense trust and have shown that they are more than worthy for holding this title. These players have incredible expertise in Minecraft and most if not all of it's mechanics. They have unique and creative personalities that helped keep this server alive. They are the very foundation of the server, the pillars that help me support it. They have incredible power, the second group of people besides myself to be 'OP'. They have access to effectively everything and have control over all of the worlds.

Command List:



Global Administrator

This group of players is the last to have the 'golden' titles, these players are powerful entities that have gained enough trust and respect from me to govern their own world only taking orders from Server Administrators. Not only do they control their own world but they also govern all of the Administrators within it. These players who have the Global Administrator title are intelligent, mature, creative, and not to mention active players who have deserved the title. They can help with almost every single problem and issue that arises.

Command List:

/broadcast [message] - Sends a message across the entire server.
/setwarp [name] - Sets a warp for teleportation with that name.
/delwarp [name] - Deletes a warp with that name.
/banip [IP] - Bans that IP from accessing.
/unbanip [IP] - Unbans that IP.
/kickall - Kicks all players from the server.
And more secret commands...

Along with all the previous rank commands.


Regional Administrator

These players are powerful people who have control over their own region of the world. Despite having less privileges than a global administrator they have the same realm of control over their region. They work with the global administrator to create the world as they see fit. Equipped with the powerful VoxelSniper tool they can change the landscape to whatever they want in literally seconds. To get the rank they must be promoted by me, but to get a region they must be given an area by a global or server administrator.

Command List:

/ban [name] - Bans that player from the server.
/unban [name] - Unbans that player.
/weather [sun/rain] - Changes the weather.
/time [dawn/sunset/day/night] - Changes the time.
And Weatherman, VoxelSniper, and more secret commands...

Along with all the previous rank commands.


Local Administrator

These players are the first group of administrators. Though they are numerous and vastly different from one another they are all helpful and kind. They work with the regional administrators and the global administrator to forge the world they want. Though they are not equipped with the powerful VoxelSniper tool they are skilled in using Worldedit and Worldguard along with a multitude of other tools and plugins. Again like the regional administrators, they must get promoted by me and then they must be selected for a local area from either the regional administrator or a global one. These local administrators are usually responsible for large-scale builds, they can govern their own township, or large pieces of land.

Command List:

/clearinventory [name] - Clears that person's inventory.
/invsee [name] - See into that person's inventory.
/kick [name] - Kicks that player from the server.
/killall - Kills all entities on the map.
/tp [name] [name2] - Teleports other players.
/tpall - Teleports all players to you.
/tphere [name] - Teleports that player to you.
/tree - Creates a tree where you are looking.
And more secret commands...

Along with all the previous rank commands.

[Donor] (Custom Title Color, Golden and Yellow colors are exempt, one change only.)


These players have helped the development of this server in someway or another. Whether through a donation or a gift these players I am grateful to. However it is impossible for me to offer a great donation 'prize', though I appreciate the gratitude the only thing I can give is a Custom Title Color, and the [Donor] title. The title is merely a 'mask' to cover up their real rank.

Command List:

Whatever commands you had before.

[SM] (In White)

Senior Member

These players are active, mature and not to mention veterans of the server. They have been on the server for a month or more, and have a creative and enjoyable attitude. These players are skilled Minecrafters and are knowledgeable of many things that happen on the server. These players are very helpful and nice, able to help the new players that come to the server.

Command List:

Same commands as the experienced member.

[EM] (In White)

Experienced Member

These players have been on the server for two weeks or more. They aspire to be great architects, redstone users, or organic users. These players have made at least one build that has been acknowledged by myself and participated in many builds. These players have played Minecraft for a decent period of time and understand most of it's mechanics.

Command List:

/clearinventory - Clears your own inventory.
/top - Teleports you to the highest block possible.
/ptime [dawn/sunset/day/night] - Sets your own time.
/depth - Tells you how deep you are.
/compass - Tells you your bearing in the world.
/ignore [name] - Ignores the player.
And Worldedit.

Along with all the previous rank commands.

[JR] (In White)

Junior Recruit

These players have been on the server for one week or more. New to the server they show great interest in learning more about the server. They should have a decent understanding of how everything works and what happens on the server.

Command List:

Same commands as the newly recruited.

[NR] (In White)

Newly Recruited

These players have just been recruited for the server, they are new to everything around them. To be accepted is to be acknowledged with having a great amount of potential in any of the three specification trees. Though it is not expected that these players will understand everything they should know the rules and regulations for playing on the server. These players should aspire to be active and be more experienced in the art of construction.

Command List:

Same commands as the grey list member.

No Title

Grey List Member

These players just obtained our server IP and have just started to play. These players have an unknown amount of potential, vastly different in personality and habits it is hard to predict what they will do. They are required to understand the rules and regulations. These players only have access to one world, the Whitelist World until they become a full-fledged member.

Command List:

/afk - Turns your status to away from keyboard.
/back - Teleports back to your previous position.
/home - Teleports you to your home.
/sethome - Sets your home.
/delhome - Deletes your home.
/help [number] - Shows the command help page.
/helpop [question] - Sends a question silently to the experienced players or above.
/list - Shows all the currently connected players.
/mail [name] [message] - Sends virtual mail to players.
/me [message] - Makes your message from the third person.
/msg [name] [message] - Sends a private message to the player.
/spawn - Teleports you to the world spawn.
/tp [name] - Teleports you to that player.
/warp - Shows you all the warps available.
/warp [name] - Teleports you to that warp.
/near - Shows you all the nearby players.

Server Ranking Information: Admin and Member Ranks. Admin

Original Creator of Dawning Creations.
Host of Dawning Creations.
Head of Server Administrator of Dawning Creations.
Forum Administrator of Dawning Creations.
Raid Call Administrator of Dawning Creations.
Creator and Owner of the @DawningCreation Twitter Account.
Creator and Owner of the Dawning Creations YouTube Account.
Creator of Act One - Darkness, a story of magic and evil.

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Server Ranking Information: Admin and Member Ranks. 418991_291311877596343_229879577072907_821394_1538387530_n
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Server Ranking Information: Admin and Member Ranks.
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