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 Concerning Server Updates

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PostSubject: Concerning Server Updates   Concerning Server Updates EmptyWed Oct 03, 2012 11:44 am

Concerning Server Updates

Whenever a new Minecraft update comes out there is no possible way for the server to always be the first to update. I apologize for this in advance with future updates, so for the first week or so after the release you will have to downgrade to the previous version to play on the server or else it will have different versions and will not allow you on.

Updating a server to the latest builds takes a long amount of time and it is usually frustrating for the developers, myself, and all of you players. I will not open access to the raw updated version unless it has been fully tested that it is in fact stable and safe to continue. So while I continue to add updates and upgrades to the files, you will all have to cooperate.

The upgrade process can take upwards to half a month depending on the developers of the plugins, sometimes the sheer amount of content with the updates just makes it that much longer. The upgrade process is usually done in four stages:

1. Upgrade the Bukkit to the latest stable build. (Takes three to four days)
2. Upgrade the plug ins to the latest stable builds. (Takes upwards to a week after the stable build release)
3. Update texture pack to the latest version. (Usually quick)
4. Test for conflicts or malfunctions. (Takes a day or two)

Thank you for your cooperation and patience in advance.

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Concerning Server Updates
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