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 Dawning Creations - Rules and Regulations.

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Dawning Creations - Rules and Regulations. Empty
PostSubject: Dawning Creations - Rules and Regulations.   Dawning Creations - Rules and Regulations. EmptySat Jan 12, 2013 11:22 pm

~Official Dawning Creations Rules and Regulations~

First and foremost I would like to say thank you for your interest in our server, Dawning Creations. This server has a mature and knowledgeable community so we have a few rules that enforce the welling and cooperation of all server members. If you are going to play on our server you will have to follow all the rules to maintain the healthiness of such a community. Any questions or comments can be asked to XanderKingoLight on the forums.

The rules that we have on our server are short, simple, and to the point:

1. I understand that my creations may be moved, modified, destroyed, spotlighted, showcased, made to public by means of schematics, or such by an Administrator or due to server rollbacks. I understand that any criticism I have received has been for a reason and that my creations may or may not be critiqued. I understand that the critique may or may not be extreme and picky however I understand that by no circumstances will I harass, insult, or harm the critiques.

2. I understand that my fellow members are unique and creative individuals, and I will not do anything to harass, abuse, harm, or such against their race, gender, age, intelligence, maturity, or thoughts.

3. I understand that all administrators regardless of their administrative ranks retain all the power to do as they please.

4. I understand that any punishment bestowed on me has been for a reason and that it may be without warning or reason. Punishments may include: Removal from whitelist, removal from server, a kick, a ban, an IP-Ban, destruction of work, a forum account ban or deactivation, removal of posts and resetting of account, or such.

5. I understand that using a modified client, using hacks, or having malicious or otherwise harmful thoughts that can potentially cause damage to creations, players, administrators, or server is not permitted by any means.

Failure to follow with these rules will result in the punishments above. Punishments will varying with the damage that had been done or would of been done. You can debate punishments in our ban appeal section on the forums here. Or in our Voice Chat, Raidcall if it is necessary. I understand that actions may be done accidentally or due to a mistake so on behalf of my staff I would like to apologize in advance if you are such a victim. If you were banned or ip-banned from either the server or the forums due to being caught destroying server stability then you will not be allowed back onto the server under any circumstance.

Once again, I would like to thank you in advance for your interest in joining Dawning Creations.

Dawning Creations - Rules and Regulations. Admin

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Dawning Creations - Rules and Regulations. 418991_291311877596343_229879577072907_821394_1538387530_n
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Dawning Creations - Rules and Regulations.
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