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 Command Block & Randomness

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Command Block & Randomness Empty
PostSubject: Command Block & Randomness   Command Block & Randomness EmptyThu Nov 01, 2012 6:05 pm

Since the update, I've messed with "cheats" or commands within Minecraft. I've come up with a couple things that are fun to use:
/give [name] 137 gives the command block. Using it, you can switch out [name] for nearest player (@p), random player (@r), or all players (@a).
There's a few commands I've used with these blocks:
/weather [clear, rainy, or thunder] (Changes weather- I even got a charged creeper!)
/gamemode [name] [mode] (Changes game mode, of course. 0 = survival, 1= creative, 2 = adventure)
/kill [name] (Ouch. That looks like it hurt.)
/tp [name] [x] [y] [z] (I set these up as teleporters between two areas. A certain distance will make me have to relog though...)
/give [name] [item] [amount] (A couple blocks are good with this-
  • 08 = water
  • 10 = lava
  • 51 = fire
  • 52 = mob spawner (Just pigs, right?)
  • 62 = furnace that's always on
  • 74 = redstone that's always on
  • 90 = nether portal block (It's actually a block if no portals have been made yet! Until you place one, that is.)
  • 119 = end portal
  • 122 = dragon/end egg
  • 137 = command block (Previously stated)

This isn't too great with the command block, but kinda useful for single player-
/gamerule [rule] [value/true/false] (I use game rule mobGrief: false. It turns off creeper and enderman "griefing")

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Command Block & Randomness
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