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 How to report someone.

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How to report someone. Empty
PostSubject: How to report someone.   How to report someone. EmptySun Oct 07, 2012 9:53 pm

~Report Process~

Whenever you have your work destroyed or if you have been insulted, we know how it feels and we don't like that. We strive for equality here, and we will actively help you if you were the victim of such actions. Do not panic, calmly explain the situation to us, say who did what, and etc. If you can, post a screenshot of the damage and we will review the report.

Do not rage, insult, or harm any of the Moderators/Administrators, if you do then we will ignore you. If you treat us the same as the griefer did to you, we're not going to support you. We're most likely going to ban both of you. We are not going to accept unreasonable logic, such as "I dun liek him ban plz," or "hes stuuuupid ban plox," .. don't do that, I'll just ignore it and delete it.

Being said, you can report players or Moderators/Administrators, even they might be wrong and you can explain your situation here. Put the title as [Urgent] -insert title- and I'll review it personally. Use this tag only if it involves a Moderator/Administrator.

If you do not want any other players or Moderators/Administrators to see it, you may personally message me and you can explain your situation privately.

If we think that the report was legitimate and valid then we will proceed to punish the person who did the damage and/or ban them. We will restore any damage that may have been done and all will be well.

Have fun, and enjoy your time on Dawning Creations~

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How to report someone.
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