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 Ban appeal applications

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Ban appeal applications Empty
PostSubject: Ban appeal applications   Ban appeal applications EmptyWed Oct 03, 2012 11:57 am

Ban Appeals

If you have been banned by either myself or another moderator or administrator and think you can appeal to get back onto the server then by all means, try. Getting banned on a server is a horrible experience, the feeling that one day you might be playing and all the sudden you may be banned from your favorite server. The threat that all of your work that you've done up to this point is indeed a terrible thing and we here at Dawning do not do it for fun. We do not enjoy in depriving our players of their enjoyable time here at Dawning unless we have a valid reason why. So before you try to appeal to get back on, have a valid and justified reason as to why you were inappropriately banned, and maybe add undeniable proof to add to that claim.

If you are going to make an appeal, make it something that is easy to understand by all members of the community. Describe your situation, how you were banned, why you were banned, and who banned you. Explain how the ban was unjustified, and should be lifted with an intelligent argument. I won't lift a ban if all you're going to say is "plox i ws banned plz unban me thx". In fact I'd be happier if you stayed banned. Be as descriptive as possible, that way you can maximize the chances of you being able to get on again.

Once you've posted an appeal that describes your situation and why you were banned inappropriately then myself or another will review it and post an appropriate response. We might ask for evidence to prove your claim so have that ready if necessary. Remember, if you are banned it does not have to be permanent, calm down and relax, don't swear or curse at us repeatedly. If you do then I'll just laugh at you to be honest.

You can appeal for both permanent and temporary bannings.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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Ban appeal applications
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