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 DCDMS - Dawning Creations Dynamic Map System

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PostSubject: DCDMS - Dawning Creations Dynamic Map System   Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:35 am


I proudly present the DCDMS or also known as the Dawning Creations Dynamic Map System. It's actually not as complicated as I made it out to seem. As some of you may know there is a plugin called Dynmap which allows you to view the world from a browser and render it in 3D. Recently I got my hands on the plugin so I'll need some preliminary testing to test whether or not it's going to be extremely CPU intensive (Server stuff). For now the Dynamic map system is fully operational only showing some of the maps that I want you to see.

You can see your player in real time as it will constantly update your position along with every other players available. You will also be able to render and view the Super Flat Lands map in three different modes regardless of Whitelist Access to the server (Might change). You can switch between the traditional bird's eye view, the tilted side 3-d view, and the cave view. The traditional bird eye's view lets you to see all blocks as if you were flying above. The tilted side 3-d view allows you to see the blocks at an angle allowing you to see more. The cave view just shows height, the brighter colors signify higher elevation, the darker colors signify lower elevations. It also has a web-chat that allows you to have a chat with the players online in real time even if you're not whitelisted! It will also show the time, and the weather on the server as well. This is an incredible update to our server.

Now I delayed you long enough, some of you already had a peek at it but here it is. You can visit the browser link here:


All credits are due to the creator of this innovative plugin, Mike Primm.


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DCDMS - Dawning Creations Dynamic Map System
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